She basically said older men that date younger women are perverts and pedophilia. I just felt like i needed to educate her even though i normally don’t comment back or disagree with people’s posts. I completely disagree with her and key word being men and women not children. People can live their lives the way they want to, stay out of it.

sexual feelings directed towards children as defined as pedophilia. You should educate yourself before blogging because many people read this and may disagree and it does not help that you have no valid points. A man going after a child who has not hit puberty yet is pedophilia. An older man or woman who dates or sleeps with a younger significant other is not a pervert they would just prefer someone younger. No one is perfect so you can’t judge anyone in this world. If you don’t think it is okay to date someone much older you don’t have to but you have to live and let live.


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