The Affair… (Part I) Meeting

illicit thoughts


My heart hasn’t stopped racing since I boarded the plane.

That’s a lie. My heart hasn’t stopped racing since we began this… what? virtual affair?

The next tube stop is where we will meet for the first time. I take out my compact and check if I look ok.

My face is too red, flushed. All I see are imperfections, but it’s too late to turn back now.

The tube pulls to a stop.

It is time…

I am struggling, trying to heave my luggage off onto the platform. (As usual I have packed enough for a month rather than a weekend.)

A large hand grasps the handle of my case and I look up and, there he is, smiling down at me. He looks like an excited little boy, a big grin spreading across his face. His face is flushed too and I remember his endearing tendency to blush…

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First Time…

illicit thoughts


The smells of alcohol and food hit my nostrils as I walk into the bar. I scan the room, searching for him. He is sitting at the bar with a drink, watching me with a smile on his face. I am wearing my black dress, stupidly high heels and sheer black stockings. When I see him, I slowly walk over, careful not to trip in the shoes I bought specially for him.

I climb up onto the bar stool next to him and say, “Hi babe, I’ll have a glass of red please.” Acting much braver and more confident than I feel, I lean over and very lightly place a kiss on his lips. As I pull away, he cups the back of my head and draws me back for a longer kiss and breathes, “Hi gorgeous,” into my ear.

He orders my drink and suggests we move to a…

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She basically said older men that date younger women are perverts and pedophilia. I just felt like i needed to educate her even though i normally don’t comment back or disagree with people’s posts. I completely disagree with her and key word being men and women not children. People can live their lives the way they want to, stay out of it.

sexual feelings directed towards children as defined as pedophilia. You should educate yourself before blogging because many people read this and may disagree and it does not help that you have no valid points. A man going after a child who has not hit puberty yet is pedophilia. An older man or woman who dates or sleeps with a younger significant other is not a pervert they would just prefer someone younger. No one is perfect so you can’t judge anyone in this world. If you don’t think it is okay to date someone much older you don’t have to but you have to live and let live.

My first night with Melb sugar part 1

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Melb sugar decided to fly up to check out some properties in Bondi and figured we could hang out.

I had asked him earlier while at the shops if he wouldn’t mind picking me up a 2015 diary as I hadn’t got around to it yet. So goes to say I was a little shocked when he turned up with 6!
He figured if he bought all of them I was sure to like at least one lol.

We had an amazing breakfast followed by a shopping trip where he said he would buy me some Ray bans. However before I new it we were in Myer and I had one pair of Burberry in my right hand and one pair of $600 Chanel in the other. I felt extremely bad as Id tripled the original price 😔. After the glasses we also somehow ended up in a couple of…

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